Tim Beck is a composer based in Los Angeles. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tim has written for 60+ accredited films on IMDb, including 6 feature films. He is an active writer for Gramoscope Music and his work can be heard on various television networks, including NBC and E! channel. Tim's original film score to the feature film ON THE BRAIN was nominated for ‘Best Musical Score for a Feature Film’ at the Idyllwild International Festival for Cinema.  He also played guitar for the musical score of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, a Universal Pictures major motion picture. 


     A dedicated guitarist and songwriter, Tim released his debut rock album, ALCHEMY, in 2019. Following the success of that record, Tim wrote and produced his 2nd album, Symbiosis: RED & BLUE in 2020. Symbiosis: RED is a heavy album, composed of Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, Grunge, and other elements. Symbiosis: BLUE is a mellow album, composed of Alternative, Acoustic, Indie, Folk, and other elements. All albums can be found on every major streaming service, including Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc, as well as Bandcamp.

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